1. In General

  1. By placing an order the customer accepts our General Terms and Conditions (GTC). Each agreement which deviates from the GTC requires our confirmation in written form.
  2. The delivery contract between the customer and LDN becomes legal with our written order confirmation.

2. License Requirements for RIA Customers

  1. In compliance with German Regulations, a copy of the customer´s current radioisotope license must be on file with LDN. The license may either be mailed or faxed to the Order Entry Department at LDN. Orders cannot be shipped until the license is received by Order Entry (Radiation Protection Act of June 30, 1989).

3. Prices

  1. Prices are quoted – unless otherwise agreed – ex works and do not include applicable taxes, costs for customs clearing or shipment.
  2. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

4. Terms of Payment

  1. For customers located in Germany the invoices have to be paid at 30 days net unless other arrangements have been made with LDN prior to shipment.
  2. International orders require payment in advance until a credit history has been established with LDN or unless other arrangements have been made with LDN prior to shipment.
  3. Payment is not valid until we have the total amount on our account.
  4. If the terms of payment are not followed LDN keeps the right to stop the delivery.

5. Proprietary Rights

  1. LDN keeps the ownership of the goods delivered until our claims have been fully paid. Preventive transference and preventive sale or mortgage of goods being reserved as our property is inadmissible.

6. Deliveries

  1. All deliveries are being affected at the buyer’s risk. LDN does not take on any responsibility for damages during transport and its consequences and refuse any compensation.
  2. LDN is exempt from any delivery obligations in cases of circumstances, which to sort is beyond our control and which make it impossible or unacceptable for us to execute delivery. Further claims, especially entitlements to compensation due to non-delivery or late delivery as well as for any other real or legal reason are rejected.

7. Claims and Returns

  1. All incidents of shortage, breakage, or any other product damage have to be reported to us within 3 days of receipt of goods. LDN will not honour any claims reported after the five-day period.
  2. Customers are responsible for cargo insurance and all other charges incurred.
  3. In the event of a claim for lost, delayed or damaged shipments, the customer must file the claim with the carrier and not hold LDN accountable.
  4. Report all shipping errors to LDN immediately.
  5. Should damage occur during shipping, please report the damage to both the carrier and LDN.
  6. LDN assumes no liability for loss or delay caused by strikes, accidents, delays of carrier, or other causes beyond LDN´s control.
  7. No products may be returned to LDN unless prior authorization and shipping instructions have been obtained from LDN.

8. Jurisdiction

  1. The court of jurisdiction is Nordhorn, Germany.