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Tests for IgM and IgG detection

It’s with pleasure to inform you that LDN has launched ELISAs for the qualitative detection of:

COVID-19 specific IgM

COVID-19 specific IgG

Early Corona Virus (COVID-19) diagnosis is routinely carried out by detection of virus with PCR-test. Since the courses of the disease are very different and the virus is very infectious, it is not sufficient to isolate only clinically conspicuous individuals for quarantine measures. Therefore it is useful to test not only for the presence of the virus, but also physical response to the antigen: IgM and IgG antibodies <<LDN Flyer>>

LDN offers easy-to-use ELISAs for the detection of Covid-19 specific IgM (ID E -1100 IFU) and Covid-19 specific IgG (ID E-1000 IFU) which specifically detect antibodies against the new SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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